Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Faithe's life.

My name is Faithe, Im in grade 8, I love my dogs, bro's, and family.
My favorite colour is blue, purple, yellow, black, & white.

I live in La Loche, and it's pretty much a savage town. Lol

My mom's name is Faye, my dad's name is Terrance, my little brothers name is Cejai, my oldest brothers name is Farrin, my oldest sister is Farrah, my step sister's name is Chante, my step brothers name is Cory & T.J, my other sisters name is Ashley. And my step dad's name is Randy. He lives at my house, and he's a Counciler running for town Mayor, and he's also a teacher.
My mom's a foster mom, and she's taking care of 4 little kids. The oldest ones name is Jaycee, his brothers name is Cejai, and these other 2 little girls from Dillion are at my house now for 1 week. Theirs a 3 years old, and a 1 year old baby. And that's all about my life. =]